Insurance, investments, grants

We offer a wide range of insurance products such as property insurance and personal insurance and a variety of investment or financial products.

A wide range of proposals allows you to select the best possible insurance program from our offer.

We cooperate with many financial institutions and insurance companies, so we can offer you an insurance program with specifically selected costs and scope of protection.

A good partner receives preferential treatment and we are a good partner. Therefore, we can offer you all the benefits gained, e.g. no additional fees and commissions.

For individual clients we act as a go-between to select up-to-date financial solutions (for investment and capital management).

We have access to more than 1,500 investment funds around the world, you will certainly find among them at least one product that can meet your expectations. But if not, we are able to offer you a tailor-made product which can reflect your needs 100%.

If you are seeking subsidy or additional funds to run your business, we can offer you assistance in obtaining grants from the EU, e.g. for investments, for staff training, for innovations, for research and development.

We can also help you to obtain funds to start your own business.


Thanks to our many years of experience on both Polish and foreign markets we are able to guarantee you professional and comprehensive service.